Dr. Robert Tse

State broadband coordinator for US Department of Agriculture California Rural Development




The Role of Disruptive Events to Stimulate Innovation in Agricultural Technology.


When: 11:35-12:05           Where: 

Sonaar Luthra

Water Canary CEO & TED Speaker





When: 1:00-1:30              Where:  


Energy & Environment Panel

When:  10:15 - 10:45  



Peter Mackin, Senior Vice President of Analytical Services at Utility System Efficiencies, Inc. 


David Yee, local birding expert, San Joaquin Audubon Society


Kathy Grant, City of Lodi Storm Drain Detectives Coordinator


Daniel Kramer, Geophysicist, Geologist, Petralogix Engineering CEO

Health and Medicine Panel

When:  10:55 - 11:25  



Darrell O'Sullivan, Retired Clinical and Laboratory Scientist and Administrator, UC Davis


Hali DePrima, University of the Pacific, Pharmacy student


Avenlea Gamble, University of the Pacific, Speech Pathology student


Vien Vu, University of the Pacific, Physical Therapy student

Engineering + Tech Showcase

When:  1:40 - 2:40  



1:40 - 1:50: Jefferson Laird  (UC Merced)

AL3 Aerial Lidar system used to create point cloud data for areas of interest. System mounted on a DJI S1000 octo-copter using real-time kinematic global navigation satellite systems to obtain accuracy of less than a centimeter.


1:50 - 2:00: Elizabeth Diaz, Gabriel Marrujo & Walter Sorenson (Delta College)

Innovative water conservation ideas, "Most Creative Hack" Award at the H2O Hackathon


2:10 - 2:20: Brad Hirayama (University of the Pacific - Theta Tau)

Research on microfluid devices (UOP Engineering)


2:20 - 2:30: Alex Maroufkhani (University of the Pacific - Theta Tau)

Research on combustion devices (UOP Engineering)

Careers in STEAM Panel

When:  2:40 - 3:10  



Sonaar Luthra, Water Canary CEO 


Dr. George Parrott, Retired Psychology Professor CSU Sacramento & SacEV Association Board Member


Dr. Kieran Holland, Physics Professor, University of the Pacific


Whitney Lai, Electronics Arts Software Engineer 

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