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2022 Presenters

Rogue Making 
with Tenaya Conklin

SJCOE STEM Education

City of Lodi Electric

WOW Science Museum

Micke Grove Zoo

John Collins
The Paper Airplane Guy

S.J. Valley Air Pollution Control District

Lodi Fish & Wildlife


Lodi Police Department

Lodi High Solar Power
with Jud Atwater

Chemistry Magic Show 
with UOP Alpha Chi Sigma

The Physics of Yoga
with Winry Ember from U.C. Berkeley's Space & Science Lab

Stanford Clinical Anatomy Lab

Tree Lodi

U.C. Master Gardeners

S.J. County Historical Society

Lodi Library

Scientific Specialties

NorCal Ambulance

NASA Solar Ambassadors

Mini One

Rock Hounds
with Alvin Soto

Banana Stitching
with Tokay Anatomy


Lodi Rocks

Aerospace Education STEM Kits

with NorCal Science

Lodi Storm Drain Detectives

SLEWS Program
Center for Land Based Learning

California Sunlight Corporation
Solar Balloon Energy

City of Lodi Fire Department

Scientific Specialties

Coding with
Mr. Hughes

Youth Eagles Aviation

with Mrs. Dickinson
& ExoLab-10

ZEISS Optical

DNA Extraction
with Mrs. Manley

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