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Imagine, Engage, Raise Awareness, Partner, Participate, Create, Build

What is the NorCal Science &

Technology Festival?

The NorCal Science & Technology Festival is a free one-day celebration of science featuring lectures, presentations, hands-on activities, and special exhibitions for NorCal residents of all ages.

Our Mission:

To stimulate student, educator, and community engagement in STEAMS by celebrating the fun in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math while encouraging sustainability.

Our Vision:

To promote creativity and innovation in STEAMS and inspire the next generations of scientists, engineers, and systems thinkers, while ensuring health, safety, and sustainable practices in our community.

Our Goals:
  • Provide an engaging event that will attract local communities to celebrate the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math

  • Showcase the achievements and sustainable practices of community partners through hands-on activities and demonstrations

  • Bring scientists, engineers, and STEM professionals to share their stories, passion, and expertise

  • Inspire students to consider careers in STEM

  • Encourage collaboration between the science and technology community, local school educators, and students in NorCal

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